Polyurea Training

Polyurea University

Courses are taught by Dudley J. Primeaux, II, PCS, CCI – the foremost expert in the polyurea industry. The informational classwork sessions include handouts containing PowerPoint slide presentations dealing with every aspect of polyurea technology; from the chemistry to the practical application techniques best suited to spray and install polyurea systems. Additionally, for the Spray Applicator courses, there are hands-on sessions with various types of spray guns and equipment.

Contact training@versaflex.com for more information.

Polyurea Training Group (PTG)

The world’s leading training team for classroom and hands on training in polyurea fundamentals, chemistry, equipment and application technology.

The Polyurea Training Group offers standard and customized schools that combine advanced multimedia, animations and photos with, product and equipment samples, test equipment, and real world case study and analysis from both successful and unsuccessful polyurea applications. The The Polyurea Training Group’s experience in equipment, chemistry and field application is second to none.

The Polyurea Training Group has trained hundreds of individuals from hundreds of companies and agencies around the world.

PDA Polyurea Spray Course

The Polyurea Development Association’s Polyurea Spray Course is a ‘Hands-On’ Training School.  Developed for the PDA by the The Polyurea Training Group, this VERY EXTENSIVE 4 day school combines both classroom and hands-on style education and training.

Contact info@pda-online.org for information on their next school.