Impermitte Impermeabilizacao-Clematis Ltda.

Polyurea Coatings and Lining Contractors for Brasil
Address: Francisdco Lachowski St., 453-Campina do Siqueira Curitiba Parana 80730-250 Brazil Phone: 0055 41 3336 7919 Website: Impermitte Website

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Operating for almost 30 years in the waterproofing, the IMPERMITTE, has extensive experience in implementing projects waterproofing aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The vast majority of the components of a building not resists weathering, suffering the combined action of cyclic and water, oxygen, aggressive gases, pollution, salt spray, acid rain, groundwater among others. The importance of waterproofing lies precisely in the protection of the building against these aggressive agents.

Roof slabs, Water reservoirs, Walls with rising moisture, Thermal insulation systems, System protection and recovery hardware and concrete, Floors, Exposed concrete

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