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Blastrac, N.A.

Leading the World in Surface Preparation Technology
Address: 13201 North Santa Fe Avenue Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73114 United States Phone: (800) 256-3440 Website: Blastrac

Company Description

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Blastrac® is the global leader in portable surface preparation technologies and equipment.  We develop and manufacture environmentally safe shot blasting, grinding, polishing, scarifying, scraping, milling and cutting equipment. Blastrac equipment and systems have become the industry standard and are designed for surface preparation of asphalt roads and runways, concrete, steel, brick, stone, and other substrates in industrial, commercial and residential settings.

Our History

Blastrac began in the early 1970s when centrifugal wheelblast (shot blast) cleaning technology was configured as a portable system for ship deck applications. Early systems were developed for non-skid removal on aircraft carrier flight decks and cleaning airport runways. Blastrac emerged an industry leader and an extensive line of systems followed in later years and was quickly adopted by industrial coating and commercial painting and flooring contractors as a preferred option over chemical stripping and open blasting. Blastrac is proud to have become the preferred brand sought by professional contractors for portable shot blast cleaning.

The Present

Today, our 30-plus years of experience, knowledge and solution based engineering has placed us at the forefront as the preferred manufacturer of more than just shot blasting. At the core of our expertise, we continue to offer environmentally-friendly and portable equipment for surface preparation and are working with companies developing chemical technologies for densifying, preserving and protecting concrete surfaces. Also, Blastrac’s complete line of surface prep equipment is now complemented by the Diamatic® brand of planetary concrete grinders for concrete preparation and polishing. Diamatic, manufactured by Blastrac, offers the industry the highest quality concrete grinders in the market today.

We offer more surface preparation technologies and expertise than any other manufacturer. With our Blastrac and Diamatic brands of equipment, we have what you need for surface preparation.

Blastrac offers:

  • Shot blasting systems for horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Diamatic® planetary grinding and polishing equipment
  • Scarifiers and concrete shavers
  • Ride-on scraping systems
  • Hand grinders and saws for concrete and decorative cutting, tile and masonry work
  • Heavy-duty vacuums and dust collection systems
  • Accessories and consumables
  • Training

As part of our solutions-based approach to surface preparation, Blastrac and Diamatic equipment training are available at the company’s award-winning Surface Preparation Academic Resource Center (SPARC) in Oklahoma City, and at predetermined sites around the country.

Blastrac systems are the preferred method for surface preparation used by professional contractors and recommended by coating manufacturers for a wide range of applications. Industries utilizing our technologies include: flooring, painting/coating, demolition and renovation, shipyard and storage tank; also contractors and maintenance professionals involved surface preparation of concrete and asphalt for remediation and improvement of grip and security on runways, bridges, roadways, and more.


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