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Geroquip Inc.

Equipment supplier, Canada (Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland) Contact: Michael Jenkins
Address: 4795 Louis-B.-Mayer Laval Quebec H7P 6G5 Canada Phone: (450) 978-0200 Work Fax: (450) 682-6654 Website: Geroquip Inc

Company Description

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For 25 years, Geroquip has been an industry leader specializing in the distribution of equipment and products related to concrete construction.

Originally founded in 1984, Geroquip stood as a distributor of unparalleled concrete pumps. With extensive experience with concrete mixers, Geroquip also offers replacement barrels and parts. An integrated machine shop allows it to provide all repair services.

Build a team, grow, diversify

Over the years, Geroquip has added to its products all types of equipment specific to the implementation of concrete and surface preparation: polishing, single and double screed, gas and battery powered tools, trowels, etc. They also added abrasive blasting equipment, grinding and sanding to fill a need in aftermarket repair and restoration.

Products to Integrated Solutions

In addition to equipment, Geroquip offers repair products for concrete, screed for floors, hardeners, curing agents, and sealants. These additions allow the company to combine products and equipment to provide integrated solutions to its customers. Mortars and masonry anchors are also available as dyes for concrete.


Geroquip specializes in the distribution of equipment and products related to concrete construction. Quebec and other Eastern Provinces of Canada.

CANADA: Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland – Concrete, Construction, Repair, Finishing, Polishing, Screed, Magicscreed, Masonry, Pump, Grout, Surface Preparation, Joint Filler, Sawing, Drilling, Diamond products, Sealers, Custom Design, Shotcrete, Equipment.

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