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Here you will find equipment manufacturers who supply spray rigs and assorted machinery, accessories, and tools for applying/testing plural component high performance polyurea coatings. You can use the drop down selector to narrow your results.


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Photo of ProPAK XD

The ProPAK XD series is a portable spray system that can be used to spray foam insulation, spray polyurea coatings and bedliners, injection foam, and polyurethane concrete lifting.

With custom equipment packages and on-board storage of materials, as well as the on-board generator, you can work anywhere, any time. It also features an on-board Air Compressor for all your pneumatic needs. We offer turn key rigs ideal for low to high volume applications based on the your needs.

ProPAK Spray Rigs are engineered and designed by industry professionals that understand what you need to work safe. Each ProPAK Rig comes with a Fresh Air System and all of the necessary safety equipment you need to be compliant on the job.

With on-site training/rig-delivery available or complimentary training at our facility with the purchase of a spray rig. Our SPFA certified techs offer training to keep you safe on the job, and will teach your company to be competitive and productive in our rapidly growing industry.



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Polyaspartic polyurea
Polyurea joint filler
Industrial protective coating
Protective coatings equipment
Fast set waterproof coating
High performance industrial coating
Truck bedliner
Decorative coating equipment
Polyurea spray rig / equipment / trailer
Polyurea spray machine
Air barrier rig / trailer / equipment
Corrosion protection equipment
Corrosion specialties
Restoration and fireproofing
Ship yard coatings
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Pure polyurea
Hybrid polyurea
Roof adhesive
Aromatic polyurea
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