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Here you will find equipment manufacturers who supply spray rigs and assorted machinery, accessories, and tools for applying/testing plural component high performance polyurea coatings. You can use the drop down selector to narrow your results.

SprayKraft International™

Better Equipment Options equals More Application Markets Contact: Jeff Himmelwright
Address: 21 Wilbraham Street Palmer Massachusetts 01069 United States Phone: (855) 438-0350 Website: SprayKraft International™

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SprayKraft International is a US based global supplier of plural component spray equipment designed to apply spray foam, high performance coatings, and other multi-component materials. SprayKraft International also supplies training modules, repair parts, and supplies for the equipment it manufactures and distributes.

We are unique in the industry in that we offer better equipment options for the application of these types of materials thus enabling distributors and installers alike to acquire and profit from multiple application markets. These better equipment options include pumps that use the high pressure, heated, impingement style of equipment often referred to as “Hot Spray”; pumps that use the low-pressure, unheated, static mixer (based upon vortex mixing and Bernoulli’s Principle) style of equipment often referred to as “Cold Spray”; and portable application spray equipment using the static mixer style.


Plural Component Equipment: Low Pressure, High Pressure, Impingement, Static Mixing, Cartridge, Polyurea Equipment, PMC, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, Parts, Hoses, Guns, Training, Polyurea, Low Pressure Polyurea, Spray foam equipment. Hot, cold, and warm spray equipment — low cost equipment supplier.

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