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AdvaCoat – Advantage Chemical Coatings

Concrete Floor Coatings in Arizona, Southern California
Address: 14425 N 79th St. Suite E Scottsdale Arizona 85260 USA Phone: (877) 830-2628 Work Fax: (480) 502-9071 Website: AdvaCoat

Company Description

Photo of AdvaCoat – Advantage Chemical Coatings

is the industry’s leading provider of polyaspartic polyurea concrete coating systems and the creators of the ADVACOAT® brand. Based on a revolutionary formula ADVACOAT® products ensure superior performance and unsurpassed advantages.

ADVACOAT® Polyaspartic enhances the top coat appearance because of its unique chemistry to produce a higher gloss and abrasion resistant film in one coat, far superior to epoxy paints and other hybrid polyaspartics systems. The end result is a floor engineered for lasting beauty and trouble-free maintenance. The revolutionary fast-cure technology means quicker turn around and completion of projects from start to finish, the very same day.

With over 45 years of combined experience in the concrete coating industry, ACC is backed by a technical team with superior product knowledge and skill. ACC has an unrivaled understanding of what the finished product needs to be, ensuring 100% ctomer satisfaction from concept to completion.


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Arizona Concrete Floor Coatings also serving Southern California CA AZ

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