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Allied Construction Technologies Inc.

AC·Tech: When Performance Counts!
Address: 3302 Croft Street Norfolk Virginia 23513 USA Phone: (800) 607-5523 Work Fax: (757) 855-5108 Website: AC·Tech

Company Description

Photo of Allied Construction Technologies Inc.

AC•Tech products and solutions are backed by a 15 year labor and material warranty. We can stand behind that warranty because 1) we have products that truly perform, 2) we provide technical support during all phases of a project’s execution, and 3) we work exclusively through a network of Technical Sales Representatives and Recommended Applicators who have earned AC•Tech “approval” by completing our comprehensive training program.

We do not cut corners. We do not leave our customers hanging. We believe in building long-term business relationships where everyone succeeds. Reputation is Based on Performance. Yours and Ours.

AC•Tech, Allied Construction Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We actively collaborate with AB-Polymerchemie (Germany) and Chowgule Construction Technologies (India) to develop, manufacture and support specialty coatings for construction, industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure markets in the US and around the world.


Business Keywords and Service Areas:

Concrete Flooring, Vapor Transmission Barriers, Slab Protection

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