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Falcon Technologies

An industry leader in the application of polyurea technology for asset protection
Address: 575 N. Dairy Ashford Rd. Suite 300 Houston Texas 77079 United States Phone: (817) 251-0525 Work Fax: (432) 563-1069 Website: Falcon Technologies

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We provide environmental protection products and services that help our clients protect their operations, their assets and the environment while lowering their total lifetime operation costs.

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES® is a leader in the application of polyurea technology to create seamless barriers that cost-effectively protect industrial businesses and assets from environmental risks.

We have delivered thousands of successful projects across the USA, which have been proven to provide the highest level of protection in the most demanding industrial applications and environments.

Eliminate risks to your operations
The exposure of your equipment to the elements, corrosion and accidental damage can lead to maintenance work, replacement or even catastrophic failures.

Our polyurea coating technologies, liners and products virtually eliminate the risk of spills, leaks or other environmental issues. As a result we protect your business from operational disruptions, reputational damage, fines and other avoidable costs.

Engineered application of polyurea technology
Our highly trained, experienced crews utilize top-of-the-line spray equipment to deliver the best available coating solutions for each application. Each of our solutions is engineered for the application and customer requirements to ensure that they provides the highest levels of protection.

Highly flexible, long-lasting protection
Our FALCON LINER® sprayed-on modified polymer coating technology adheres to a variety of surfaces, providing a seamless, durable, maintenance-free layer of protection in a variety of applications.

Concrete-coating applications include:
General protective membrane
Secondary fuel containment
Concrete parking deck coating
Below grade water proofing
Full immersion coating
Industrial water storage.

Metal-coating applications include:
Aliphatic steel coating
Aliphatic full membrane
Full immersion steel
General protective membrane, steel
Marine coating
Potable water coating, steel
VT-40 direct application, steel.

Reduced maintenance and replacement costs
Our coating technology provides a durable, long-lasting barrier engineered for the harshest operating conditions that dramatically extends asset life, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Comprehensive range of environmental protection products and service
In addition to our coating solutions we provide an extensive range of polyurea-based spill prevention and secondary containment products and services, including:

TANKGUARD™ Maintenance-free impermeable tank base
Patented foam core encapsulated in polyurea
Lightweight and available in multiple sizes
Available for flat- or cone-bottom tanks.

Secondary containment
Pre-sprayed composite liner

Pre-sprayed composite liner to provide temporary or permanent site protection
Easy and quick to install
Recyclable and intended for multiple use
Durable under heavy traffic.

Temporary site protection

Seamless location lining
Design and installation of polyurea coating and liner technologies to provide temporary or semi-permanent site protection
Components can be uninstalled, resized and reused multiple times.

Reusable spill containment pads

Seamless barrier that provides full protection from small leaks and spills from equipment during operations
Resistant to punctures, UV and temperature extremes
6” foam berm, available in custom sizes.

Contact us to discuss your Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) requirements and find out how we can provide products and services that are engineered to protect your business, reputation and the environment.


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A leading supplier of polyurea solutions for the oil & petroleum industry.

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