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Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems

Suppliers of High Performance Foam/Coating & Application Equipment Contact: Steve Eddy
Address: 575 Commercial Ave Green Lake Wisconsin 54941 United States Phone: 616-514-8359 Website: Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems

Company Description

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Oak Ridge offers a large selection of spray foam and coating equipment from quality manufacturers such as Graco, IPM and others. You can purchase parts, spray foam guns, spray foam machines, hoses and accessories, proportioners, reactors, transfer pumps, spray rigs and trailers, and safety equipment all from one source.

You can purchase your spray foam rigs and trailers either new or used. We have many models and selections to meet all budgets.
Oak Ridge also offers a wide array of roofing, waterproofing, concrete, chemical resistant, bedliner, clear coat, and flooring coatings, primers, and solvents. We have the ability to custom formulate specialty chemicals for unique applications. We will continue to add new products as they become available.

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