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Here you will find training schools who offer courses and classes dealing with methods, best practices, and general knowledge when it comes to applying plural component high performance polyurea coatings.

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Polyurea University

World-class industry training.
Address: 9777 West Gulf Bank Suite 15 Houston Texas 77040 United States Phone: (713) 466-4988 Website: Polyurea University

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Polyurea University offers world-class industry training with the leading experts in the field. Courses are offered throughout the year for all degree levels.

Polyurea University now offers four (4) separate polyurea training degrees:

  • Basic Polyurea Materials
  • Qualified Polyurea Applicator
  • Qualified Polyurea Professional
  • Qualified Polyurea Inspector

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The Best Polyurea Training on Earth

Courses are taught by Dudley J. Primeaux, II, PCS, CCI – the foremost expert in the polyurea industry. The informational classwork sessions include handouts containing slide presentations of PowerPoint shows dealing with every aspect of polyurea technology; from the chemistry to the practical application techniques best suited to spray and install polyurea systems.



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Basic MaterialsBasic Materials Degree: Our Basic Knowledge and Materials Class covers virtually everything about polyurea coatings and linings in general.The Basic Knowledge and Materials Degree is a Pre-requisite course line to advance into our Qualified Polyurea Applicator/Professional or Qualified Polyurea Inspector Program Degrees.

QPAQualified Polyurea Applicator: General introduction of polyurea technologies, spray equipment options, surface prep, field testing, and case studies. Hands on spray demonstrations. Personnel safety. For those entering polyurea spray business or new employees, this two-day course gives a more in-depth overview of polyurea issues on a variety of topics ranging from equipment to troubleshooting, repair to maintenance, substrate preparation to priming, and many others. As such, applicants must have completed the Basic Materials Degree.

QPIQualified Polyurea Applicator: An in-depth overview of a variety of Polyurea issues ranging from basic inspection, to proper surface preparation, specification, and job completion.

QPPQualified Inspector: A more in-depth overview of Polyurea issues on a variety of topics ranging from equipment to troubleshooting, repair to maintenance, substrate preparation to priming, and many others.

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